Hair Trends of 2020 

As you may have noticed over the last 10 years or so, it seems that we are recycling trends- fashion trends, hair trends, style trends- from the pre-2000’s decades. This has played a very interesting role in the hair trends we are seeing these days.

Although there have been a lot of new trends (balayage, effortless waves, those really lived-in looks), there have also been some staples in the mix, especially lately. Think the modern shag that came around in 2016, or the stick straight hair of the 90’s. But this year we are going to get to have some fun with hair trends that make us reminisce of the simpler days of 5 decades before the 2000’s. Or get to know them a little better if you weren’t around for most of that time, like myself. 😉 These are the top 5 hair trends we will see in 2020. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to try some of them out for myself! • Hair Accessories- Literally if you have been on Facebook or Instagram at all just seeing what’s out there this year, I’m sure you’ve seen a video or photo or two of a hairstyle that includes a hair accessory. Well those are not going away this year! Specifically you will start seeing more of pearl accessories, crystal accessories, scrunchies, headbands, and believe it or not, the hair combs your mom wore in the 80’s! We have so many options when it comes to switching up our hairstyle every day because of the variety of trendy hair accessories we get to play with this year.

• 60’s Hair- I bet that comes as a bit of a surprise! So far, we haven’t seen a ton of 60’s hairstyles come back so I’m stoked that this is the year of the returning 60’s! Think deep side parts with side swooping bangs, teased crowns, baby bangs, smooth rounded blowouts, and textured bangs. A lot of bangs are coming back in style this year. Who knows, I might try a textured bang myself! • The Shag- This is a trend that came back in 2016 and it just keeps evolving. When it first started coming out, I’m not going to lie, it was hard to tell that a haircut was specifically a shag because the layers were long and the overall texture was kept pretty conservative. But over the last couple years the layers have gotten more shaggy (pun intended) and the texture has really been showcased in these cuts. It was almost like the trend was on a trial run to see if people would like it as much as they did before, and guess what! We do! I personally love this cut and after years of having long hair with long layers I might switch things up in shag formation!

• Bouncy Ponytails- This trend is reminiscent of the 50s. Think voluminous and curled at the ends and pulled together in a smooth fashion. This is a great way to upgrade your basic pony or wear your hair up for a night out. • Soft Waves- A ‘20s twist on the ‘90s trend, this is the new and improved crimping. Deep wavers instead of micro kinks create beautiful bohemian waves that add body and movement to the hair without trying too hard. Or you can achieve this look by braiding your hair overnight and then taking the braids out to the reveal that wavy look. The tighter and smaller the braids the more "softly crimped" it will look! This is one I am very excited about and you better believe I will be rocking waves all year long!

There’s a little bit of something for everyone, whether you’re an accessory junkie or you want some extra texture and body in your hair. We’re going to have some fun in the salon with these new trends for sure! Which one do you think you might go for?

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