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Stay in the driver's seat and build your website the easy way

If you are a hairstylist, makeup artist, permanent makeup artist, or other beauty industry service provider I know you want to grow your brand online so you can fill your books. Chances are, you are probably on social media already but that's only a piece of the puzzle.

In order to be successful these days, you NEED a website. A website is real estate online that you OWN and is where clients land after they find you on social media.

Or if you're like me and you're in a smaller community, chances are most of your new clients are coming from Google searches and having a website can make or break your conversion once they land on your Google business page. An optimized website shows the world the professional that you are in real life. 

Now, I know you're smart and resourceful but you're also CEO of your business and you've got enough on your plate, without having to figure out this whole website thing, too. And if you've already reached out to a traditional web designer you've probably found that they charge thousands of dollars and they are in control of the website, not you. But here's the thing, you are the business owner so to be effective you need to be in the driver's seat.. both in the design and the maintenance.


That's where I come in. As a beauty professional myself I know how to build a website that speaks to your clients and shows you off as the amazing professional that you are. I build all my websites using Wix, which is super easy to use- especially once everything is already built out. 

Here's How It Works:

1) We set up your Wix account together (using your email and information because you own this website) and then you fill out the Stylist/Salon information form that gives me all the information I need to include and get started with.

2) Before I start we will meet via Zoom for 15 minutes to go over your vision and so I can fully understand your brand and get started building the website that reflects that. Next, I complete the website based on your input.

3) Once its done I will meet with you again for 30 minutes and we will go through it together so you can show me any edits or changes you want made. Once those changes are made you can sign off on it and I will spend an hour showing you my screen in the Wix editor and showing you how to make the changes and update things that will be evolving (for example- if you are a salon owner and you gain a new staff member I will show you how to add their information to your team page). 

Basically, I do all the work on the front end, saving you time and money and then I show you exactly what you need to know so you are in the driver's seat and don't have to rely on somebody else to maintain your website. Truly, the hardest part of having a website is building it out at the beginning and that's all taken care of when you work with me. 


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